Denis Manturov figured out the equipment for atomic layer deposition to create a ferroelectric non-volatile memory


Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, together with the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Krasnikov, visited the Research Institute of Precision Engineering (NIITM) and the Research Institute of Molecular Electronics (NIIME) in Zelenograd.

Denis Manturov examined the special technological equipment for atomic layer deposition developed by NIITM, which is used to create a technology for the production of ferroelectric non-volatile memory, and domestic installations of plasma-chemical etching for topological standards of 180 & ndash; 90 nm.

The Vice-premier got acquainted with the unique physical and chemical analytical laboratory of NIIME for conducting research in the field of quality control of technological media (liquid media, chemical reagents). There are units of such laboratories in the world, in Europe – no more than three.

The laboratory is engaged in the certification of materials of an industry-wide strategic nature and necessary for organizing production in the microelectronic, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological and other industries, compiling technical requirements and recommendations for their use, develops unique methods for their certification.

Separately, the Deputy Prime Minister toured the NIIME site for the preparation of chemicals used in microelectronic production. Denis Manturov was shown the equipment developed under the subsidy of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for R&D and the process of serial production of domestic materials for microelectronic production. The laboratory is engaged in research and development of new microelectronic technologies, introduction of new materials into production.