Head of Gazprombank Leasing Maxim Kalinkin: up to 80% of all new trucks are leased


According to the results of the first quarter of 2023, the leasing market showed a recovery, at least in terms of quantitative indicators: the volume of new business increased by 27%, to 131 thousand units of leased items. The industry will be supported by the segments of special equipment, trucks, industrial equipment and equipment for SMEs. Further development will be slowed down by problems with logistics and constantly changing working conditions with foreign suppliers. Suren Asaturov, Deputy Director of the Financial Institutions Ratings Group of ACRA, is waiting.— Over the past 12 months, they have returned to growth earlier than others due to the fact that manufacturers of leased items in this segment were less related to hostile jurisdictions. In addition, he said, challenges related to import substitution and the growth of the defense industry have stimulated the leasing of industrial equipment, and active construction, including the construction of roads and infrastructure facilities, has fueled the demand for such equipment. Of the large segments of the market, support will be provided by the railway line, segments of trucks and special equipment, adds the general director of the Gazprombank Leasing group. Maxim Kalinkin. “According to the results of the first quarter of 2023, sales of trucks have already grown by 21%. Moreover, it should be noted that up to 80% of all new trucks are leased,— he says. Kommersant

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CEO Kalinkin Maxim Yuryevich

Oil and gas industry
Significant investment needs and the need to use expensive equipment force many oil and gas companies to resort to various sources of funding. Such a financial instrument as leasing is increasingly coming to the fore.

Construction industry
In the construction industry, the ability to quickly renewal of the fleet of special vehicles, vehicles and equipment. Leasing financing allows us to solve this problem as quickly as possible, while significantly optimizing the company's expenses.
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Undertaking large-scale projects, mining companies are particularly in need of modernization of existing facilities. Leasing allows not only to effectively renew production assets, but also to replenish working capital.
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The growing demand for electricity is forcing many market players to consider various options for upgrading existing facilities and building new ones. Gazprombank Leasing has the necessary expertise and funding sources to implement the most complex projects in the energy sector.
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