Today, industrial senator Igor Panchenko celebrates his 60th birthday


Today marks the anniversary of a prominent industrialist, organizer of machine-building production, member of the Federation Council Igor Panchenko. A hereditary machine builder who still lives today in his hometown of Aleksin, Tula Region, Igor Vladimirovich saved the large Tyazhpromarmatura plant in the 90s; and made a great contribution to the development of interaction between the oil and gas and machine-building complex. Igor Panchenko went through all the stages in mechanical engineering, having gone from a process engineer of a mechanical assembly shop to a general director. He supported and gave a start in life to many talented designers and technologists.
At present, when the country is in need of qualified and experienced machine builders, the potential of Igor Panchenko should be used for the benefit of the Motherland!

General Director of OOO "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Tula", Chairman of the Tula Regional Duma Nikolai Vorobyov congratulated the senator on his 60th birthday and noted his great contribution to the development of industry in the Tula region. Nikolai Vorobyov wished the Honorary Citizen of the Tula Region good health, happiness and all the best

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