Innovative Service Company "PetroEngineering" - a leader in well cementing


In 2022, "Innovative Service Company" PetroEngineering " performed 2,448 well cementing operations in oil and gas fields in Russia, performing work on 854 wells, as well as 77 liner hanger fixing operations.

As of early 2023, the number the company's own cementing fleets are 20 full-fledged sets equipped with modern equipment with automated cement mixing systems, and the staff of qualified personnel of the cementing and well casing department has expanded from 348 to 405 people. At the end of last year, managers and specialists of the well cementing and casing service were trained under the advanced training program at the Ufa Oil University.

As part of the working projects in 2022, the company's engineers performed a number of technologically complex operations. In particular, cementing a 178 mm liner at well 115 of the Rostovitsky field (string length 2230 m, bottom hole 6115 m). As well as cementing three liners using innovative technology of cementing with casing rotation. Elastic backfill material for this project was developed by the specialists of the department of CKS "ISK" PetroEngineering" together with the manufacturer. Within the framework of the Vostok Oil project (OOO & laquo;RN-Vankor»), a number of successful cementing operations were performed on the permafrost of the Payakhskoye field using arctic systems based on gypsum and using MSC for multi-stage well cementing.

"Despite the large increase in prices for backfill materials, equipment, tooling, spare parts and fuels and lubricants in 2022, the cementing and well casing service managed not only to resist, but also to strengthen its position on existing projects in all branches of the company, – comments the General Director of the "Innovative Service Company" PetroEngineering " Alexander Gerasimenko. – Thanks to a balanced procurement policy and a wide pool of suppliers, we have signed new contracts and are already implementing projects for LLC RN-Yugansneftegaz, LLC Lukoil-Komi, JSC RMNTK Nefteotdacha and other market companies".

At the end of 2022, ISK PetroEngineering was recognized the best Russian oilfield services company in the category "Well Cementing". The winner was identified through a survey of key consumers of the oil and gas market conducted by the TEK-Rating agency.

« Innovative Service Company "PetroEngineering" – integrator of engineering services in the field of drilling oil and gas wells. The company operates in several segments of the oilfield service market: telemetry support for directional drilling, drilling fluid support, well cementing and casing, bit service, support for hydraulic downhole motors (HDM) and drilling tools, as well as coring. The company has branches in Kogalym, Usinsk and Perm, separate subdivisions in the regions of the Ural-Volga region and Eastern Siberia, its own research laboratory, as well as a plant for the production of PDC bits in Samara, owns several workshops for the repair of hydraulic downhole motors and its own fleet of hydraulic motors . ISK is part of the Group of Companies « PetroEngineering» businessman -gadzhiev-salih-gilanievich/">.

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