Avet Mirakyan: As a rule, sellers avoid everything related to state-owned companies


On the features of the acquisition of captive leasing companies, business priorities and increased competition with state-owned “Ъ” said the CEO of IG "Insight" Avet Mirakyan.

— How much competition in the leasing market can increase due to the activation of private companies?

— Taking into account the fact that the main buyers of leasing companies of foreign owners — private, their market share will increase. And this is positive for the industry because companies which were focused on only one manufacturer, change the format and become universal. Many captive companies had very high professional competencies, developments that, if properly used, would benefit the market as a whole.

— State-owned companies not interested in these assets?

— The sellers have a clear requirement: the buyers must be companies not included in the sanctions lists. As a general rule, salespeople avoid anything related to state-owned companies.

— Almost six months have passed since you bought Siemens Finance, now Delta Leasing raquo;, and restarted the company after a long downtime. Can we talk about the first results already?

— For six months, 1.3 thousand contracts were signed for a total of 16 billion rubles. But it is important to understand that Delta Leasing, unlike other companies that are now being sold, was not captive in the full sense, only in terms of funding. In all other respects, this is a full-fledged market company, in which even the concentration on the equipment of one manufacturer was not total, it was federal, with a wide distribution network. We retained the entire team, all the competencies, and with a fairly small cost and effort, we restarted the business in a short time.

It is clear that half a year of inactivity creates certain difficulties, but, since all competencies and people were retained, getting back to clients through relationships developed over many years of cooperation did not become a super difficult task.

— "Delta Leasing" while still focusing on specialized equipment. Are you going to increase your share in other segments?

— Our basic premise was precisely to preserve the existing competencies and develop further on their basis. We definitely don't want to go to wagons, ships, planes.