Tatyana Bosyuk headed the press service of the Russian Ministry of Energy


Russian Ministry of Energy press serviceThe head of the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Russia Karina Khamizova left her position and Tatyana Bosyuk, who previously worked at the Ministry of Culture of Russia, was appointed in her place. Earlier, the Ministry of Energy of Russia will leave Arseniy Pogosyan, who is responsible for the oil and gas complex in the press service, who was mentioned in a large article The Wall Street Journal about First Deputy Minister Pavel Sorokin. In his place came the journalist of "Vedomosti" Matthew Katkov. In the newspaper, he was engaged in industry materials. In addition, the social media curator Elizaveta Blinova left the press service. She was replaced by Yana Kachurina from Rostourism. Kachurina graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, she is well versed in social networks and video content.

International relations issues handled by Dmitry Semenov’s Department of International Cooperation (and for some reason supervised by coal deputy minister Sergei Mochalnikov, and not Pavel Sorokin, which would be logical) were transferred to Olga Kazanskaya. Previously, the former oil and gas curator Arseniy Poghosyan was responsible for these issues. In addition to international activities, Olga Kazanskaya is responsible for digital transformation and the coal industry in the press service. But the press service decided to transfer legislative support for the fuel and energy complex from Kazanskaya to Katkov.
For some reason, the legal department in the Ministry of Energy is supervised not by the minister or lawyer Anastasia Bondarenko, but by the electric power industry Pavel Snikkars. In general, there is a lot of strangeness in the distribution of powers between Nikolai Shulginov's deputies.

Unlike Olga Golant, who, following Alexander Novak, moved to the White House, the current press secretary of the minister, Pavel Fedorov is not such a public figure. Most of the functions are assigned to the head of the press service.

The structure of the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Russia

Press Secretary of the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Shulginova N.G. Fedorov Pavel Anatolyevich