Parallel Import Association established in Moscow


The Association of Entrepreneurs and Consumers in the Sphere of Parallel Imports (abbreviated as the Association of Parallel Imports) was established in Moscow, and Anna Fomicheva was elected president. General Director of the Parallel Import Association Anatoly Semyonov. The Association declares that it solves the problems of commodity shortages, the search for suppliers, supply risks and many related issues.

The main activities of the Parallel Import Association

  • Checking the reliability of suppliers and the quality of goods< /li>
  • Debugging the origin authentication system
  • Interaction with business associations of friendly countries
  • Interaction with government agencies in the formation of lists of bona fide parallel import operators
  • Interaction with retail chains to create reliable and uninterrupted supply chains
  • Cooperation with other prof. associations
  • Insurance and guarantees for purchases and transportation
  • Finding suppliers and sources of goods
  • Working with the FCS to set up CCC mechanisms for parallel imports
  • Working with legislative structures (the State Duma, the Federation Council, federal executive authorities) to clarify the regulatory and legislative framework in connection with parallel imports
  • Search for sources and tools for financing parallel imports