Glavgosexpertiza will hold a seminar on the design of fuel and energy complex facilities


On March 16, an online seminar by the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia will be held, which will address topical issues of substantiating design decisions when designing fuel and energy complex facilities, taking into account current legislation.
requirements in the category of voluntary. We will discuss with the participants of the seminar what tools and methods they can use when designing fuel and energy complex facilities, including in order to successfully pass the state examination, – ensuring the fire resistance of protected objects, as well as fire safety requirements in the design of heat supply systems.
The main changes in the requirements of federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety regarding the arrangement of oil and gas fields with an emphasis on hazardous production facilities will be considered separately, design features will be analyzed power supply systems, taking into account current changes in regulatory documentation, including those on safety of operation in the electric power industry. The experts will also review changes in regulatory documents containing requirements for design solutions for equipping fuel and energy complex facilities with a set of engineering and technical security equipment.
participating in the development of sections of the design documentation for oil and gas facilities, including GUIs, customers and other interested parties.
The seminar will be held on March 16 from 11:00 to 15:00 Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (09:00-13:00 Moscow time). More details about the program can be found at the link. To participate, you must send a completed application to the email address
Glavgosexpertiza of Russia