Suppliers of equipment for the fuel and energy complex are moving from Kazakhstan to Turkey


Market participants talk about it. In their opinion, there is a tendency in Kazakhstan to infringe on the interests of Russian companies. At the same time, they refer to the risks of secondary sanctions, although they also exist for other companies, in particular, Turkish companies, but, nevertheless, it is easier to work in Turkey.
Kazakhstan began to detain Russian trucks that transport goods from Europe. We are talking about transit transportation, when trucks from the EU are taken out by a European company, and on the border with Belarus, the road train is coupled onto trucks of Belarusian or Russian organizations. Kazakhstan now requires drivers to have permits for goods issued to companies transporting goods across the European Union. Recent trends suggest that Kazakhstan will try to move away from parallel imports in order to avoid secondary sanctions. Russia has the world's longest continuous border with Kazakhstan (7,598 km), spanning 11 Russian regions and eight regions of Kazakhstan.

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