Dmitry Patrushev headed the "Incident-42" group


This was announced by the Auditor of the Accounts Chamber Sergey Mammadov, commenting on the report of the General Director of JSC "OSK" Alexey Rakhmanov: “Alexey Lvovich told everything so beautifully here, but for today it’s all mostly projects. We have an order from Valentina Ivanovna. We have the results of the first stage of investment quotas, which I will not repeat, I have reported them many times within these walls. The first stage failed, of course. Failed, mainly due to the fact that the shipyards overestimated their ability to build ships. Auditor Mammadov noted that Russian shipyards are not ready for such a volume of orders. Further, Sergey Mamedov dwelled on the positive: "The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation decided to create a working group called" Incident-42 ". It operates, it is headed by Patrushev Dmitry Nikolaevich. The auditor informed that the group includes representatives of ministries, FAS, FSB, prosecutor's office and other organizations. Two meetings of the "Incident" have already been held. They go over each unfinished object, each project is considered separately. "The situation is complex, completely incomprehensible, - the auditor noted.
About the unfinished ships, Sergey Mammadov said that this year the ships will probably be commissioned, but due to the fact that all the components for these ships were purchased earlier and are available. "Engines, winches, and everything else was available, so these ships, most likely, will be completed. What will happen next is still unclear. Replacing each of the nodes is a difficult task. It's not like they pulled out the Japanese, inserted the Russian and moved on. We need to change the whole project. While there is no understanding of what will be the engines, components, and so on. We hope that the work of "Incident" will untie such situations.