Andrey Belousov discussed with business the draft Concept of Technological Development of the Country


First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov held a meeting with representatives of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and relevant departments, where the draft Concept of the Technological Development of the Russian Federation until 2030 was discussed. The strategic document is being prepared on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin following the results of the Council for National Projects and Strategic Development held in July 2022.

At the beginning of this year, the document was submitted for consideration expert community, as a result of which it was finalized. In particular, the concept is complemented by proposals to stimulate demand for innovative products, measures to support research and development, as well as to implement innovative projects, including tax measures and measures from development institutions.

The draft concept is now presented to the business community for evaluation.

creation of new markets and models of companies' activities in them. That is why technology has become a key factor in attracting investment and market capitalization of companies. In turn, the central tool for ensuring the growth of business capitalization is the creation and circulation of the results of intellectual activity in the field of new technologies. Thus, the emphasis on the innovative activity of companies is a fundamental vector, since it is precisely this that determines their sustainable competitiveness in the market, – noted Andrey Belousov.

«It is important that strategic documents in the field of high-tech are formed in conditions of high uncertainty. The concept of technological development – this is the beacon that allows business, solving current problems, to focus on technological development. It is fundamental for the business community that we develop tools and mechanisms parameters of the functioning of the technological system and its integration into the daily activities of business and key companies", – RUIE President Alexander Shokhin commented.

In turn, CCI President Sergey Katyrin noted that the adoption of the Concept of Technological Development today is important for coordinating and concentrating society's resources to ensure rapid economic growth . “The concept outlines the main directions of such work. Today, a number of wishes were expressed to improve the document, which will already be a guide to action both for sectoral areas and for regional development. Among them – support for innovative enterprises, developers of new technologies and the development of competition in the market to increase the demand for these technologies", – he said.

The concept includes three main sections – ensuring technological sovereignty, transition to innovation-oriented economic growth and technological support for the sustainable functioning and development of production systems.

tools to expand the market for domestic innovative products and develop technology companies, as well as to eliminate regulatory barriers, primarily in terms of the turnover of the results of intellectual activity. The portfolio approach being developed, applicable to assessing the effectiveness of investments, will allow evaluating the result for the entire set of projects being implemented. At the same time, the efficiency of using the results of intellectual activity will motivate companies to increase their investment in research and development, – Deputy Minister of Economic Development Maxim Kolesnikov commented.

including grants, cost-reimbursement subsidies, concessional loans, private equity and venture capital investments.


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