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Yavdat Adiev and Rynat Kharisov will head the delegation Bashneftegeophysica and NG Group at the conference NEFTEGAZSERVICE-2012


October 9th the delegation of OJSC "Bashneftegeophysica" and LLC "NG Group" are going to take part in the VIIth annual international conference Oil&gas service in Russia (NEFTEGAZSERVICE-2012) which will be held in Hotel “Radisson Slavyanskaya”.

There has been made a lot of discussions in terms of the Russian oil service market. Claims have been summarized that customers aim at decreasing prices for oil services rendered which consequently prevents companies from developing, buying new equipment, recruiting skilled staff. On the other hand, there is an opinion saying that since some intermediary, or closed for the branch public, companies are available, we face an overcharge. Companies far from being transparent enough deal damage to the contractors and suppliers of good faith.

According to the instruction of the government AD-P9-5146 dated 01.09.2012 a public register of service suppliers for companies of fuel- energy complex is being issued. Innovation transparency and activities of F&EC have to be investigated as well.
At the conference “NEFTEGAZSERVICE-2012” customers and contractors are going to discuss ways of creating an oil service register and a price indicator for oil services.

In the discussions the following delegates will participate:
- Adiev Yavdat Ravilovitch, director General of OJSC "Bashneftegeophysica";
- Bazvanov Alexander Vasilyevitch, head of Department to support business in NSO OJSC ANK "Bashneft";
- Tashlanov Ivan Mikhailovitch, director General LLC "Bashneft- Drilling";
- Slyva Vladislav Nikolaevitch, Deputy director general on drilling LLC "Bashneft-Polus";
- Komarov Andrey Gennadievitch, chief engineer assistant-head of department LLC "Bashneft-Polus";
- Smirnov Andrey Vladimirovitch, Executive vice- president OJSC "Gazprombank";
- Strystar Gennady Anatolyevitch, Head of Department OJSC "Gazprombank";
- Vlasovets Eugeny Nikolaevitch, Director of Division of well construction LLC "Integra-Drilling";
- Gylmanov Tagirzyan Rakhimzyanovitch, vice- president of oil services OJSC "RU-Energy Group";
- Shesterikov Vladimir Savelyevitch, director General CJSC "Siberian Service Company";
- Kanashuk Alexey Nikolaevitch, Deputy director general of marketing CJSC "Siberian Service Company";
- Ganiev Galy Gazizovitch, director General LLC "TagrasC-Holding";
-Ismagilov Fanzat Zavdatovitch, head of division of well overhaul and enhanced oil recovery OJSC "Tatneft";
- Povalyaev Alexander Ivanovitch, Deputy director of drilling division OJSC "Tatneft";
- Kharisov Rynat Gatinovitch, director General LLC "NG Group";
- Nuretdinov Yazkar Karamovitch, first deputy director general LLC "NG Group";
- Alakbarov Rustam Isfandyjarovitch, head of purchasing department acc. to KS USS BN Exploration and mining OJSC "NK- Management";
- Kuzmin Anatoly Jurjevitch, head of service purchasing department USS BN Exploration and mining OJSC "NK- Management";
- Borisov Alexander Nikolaevitch, Vice-president "Schlumberger";
-Pysarnitsky Alexander Davidovitch, deputy general director OJSC "Rosgeologyja";
- other specialists of oil production.

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