What equipment will the Russian industry supply for the megaproject in Ust-Luga?


VEB.RF loan funds (the limit of approved financing is 745 billion rubles) for the megaproject in Ust-Luga will be directed, among other things, to finance the EPC – contracts. From the moment VEB.RF approved transactions to finance the project, an EPC contract was concluded for the construction of a gas chemical complex (contractor «China National Chemical Engineering and Construction Corporation Seven»), an EPC contract was signed for gas processing plant facilities and technological facilities of off-site facilities ( a consortium of contractors Linde GmbH and Rönesans Heavy Industries LLC), orders for long-term equipment for the gas chemical complex have been advanced and placed.
In this regard, a natural question arises — what orders will Russian enterprises receive when creating the world's largest integrated complex for the processing of multicomponent natural gas as part of a gas processing plant and a natural gas liquefaction plant? A discussion on this topic is being conducted among Russian industrialists due to the fact that the project is financed by VEB.RF. If a project is financed by a state development institution (export-import bank or agency), then it exposes obligations to participate in the project of the national industry. Loans are usually tied and filled with domestically produced products, contributing to the development of the domestic high-tech complex. Therefore, the use of the scientific, technical and production potential of our industry in the implementation of the project in Ust-Luga — important government task.


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