JSC Khiagda is developing the Kolichkanskoye uranium deposit in Buryatia


Glavgosexpertiza of Russia has studied the project documentation and the results of engineering surveys for the project to develop the Kolichkanskoye deposit in Buryatia. Based on the results of consideration of the submitted materials, a positive conclusion was issued. Holds a license for the exploration and production of uranium at the Kolichkanskoye deposit, which is located in the Bauntovsky Evenki district of the Republic of Buryatia of JSC Khiagda. Uranium mining at the Kolichkanskoye deposit will be carried out using the borehole in-situ leaching method. During the implementation of the project, approved by the experts of the Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, operational landfills will be built, including collections with pumping stations, overpasses of technological pipelines, inter-site electrical networks, transformer substations, collectors of surface drains, access and intra-site roads, a 10 kV overhead line. JSC "Khiagda". The project documentation was developed at JSC "VNPIpromtechnologii".
Based on Glavgosexpertiza of Russia

JSC Khiagda — the most promising enterprise of ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. Uranium mining by a highly efficient and environmentally friendly method of borehole in-situ leaching is carried out in the Bauntovsky Evenki district of the Republic of Buryatia. the Khiagdinskoye and Istochnoye deposits are being worked out, construction and mining and preparatory work are being completed at Vershinnoye. Engineering and geological surveys for the construction of production facilities have been completed at the Kolichikanskoye and Dybrynskoye fields. After the involvement of the Kolichikanskoye and Dybrynskoye fields, scheduled for 2020, the progressive development of the Namaruskoye and Koretkondinskoye fields will begin.
JSC Khiagda; actively mastering digital technologies in production. At the end of 2018, the enterprise launched the first in Russia "Smart Test Site" into trial operation. at the experimental block of the Istochnoye field. The project is an element of the unified digital strategy of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and is included in the package of digital products of the State Corporation, allows to increase labor productivity and economic efficiency of production. Another step towards the digitalization of business processes in the nuclear industry — «smart helmets», which have already been successfully tested at the enterprise.
JSC Khiagda; pursues a responsible environmental policy based on the principles of rational nature management, conservation of the natural environment in areas of industrial activity, improvement of radiation, environmental and sanitary-epidemiological control systems.

JSC management « Khiagda»
General Director of Khiagda JSC Anatoly Nikolayevich Mikhailov
Artem Aleksandrovich Mikhailov Deputy General Director
Maxim Stanislavovich Ortyakov Deputy General Director for Procurement and MTS
Sergey Ivanovich Anikin Deputy General Director for Security
Anna Aleksandrovna Trotsenko Chief Accountant
Mikhailovskaya Bella Aleksandrovna HR Director
Vasiliev Andrey Nikolaevich Quality Director
Gennady Sashchenko Security Control Inspector
Denis Kuznetsov Head of Legal Support, Corporate Support and Management Department real estate