Leningrad Metal Works (Power Machines) manufactured a hydraulic turbine wheel for the Rybinsk HPP


At the Leningrad Metal Works (part of the Power Machines company), a hydraulic turbine impeller for hydroelectric unit (HA) No. 5 of the Rybinsk HPP was manufactured. The equipment has successfully passed functional tests and is being prepared for shipment to the station.
and RusHydro in 2015. In the scope of obligations of Power Machines – development, manufacture and supply of equipment for hydro turbines, hydro generators and auxiliary systems of hydro units, as well as their installation, testing and commissioning.
The new equipment has improved technical and energy characteristics, and is also distinguished by increased reliability. Thanks to the use of modern and innovative design methods by the company's designers, the capacity of each hydroelectric unit will increase by 18% - from 55 MW to 65 MW. In addition, hydraulic turbine impellers have an environmentally friendly design with oil-free bushings, which eliminates the possibility of oil getting into the water. hydroelectric units No. 1 and 3 of the Rybinskaya HPP were successfully put into operation in March 2018 and December 2019, respectively, after which the HPP's capacity was increased by 20 MW.