Rosneft has been implementing the Program for Localization and Import Substitution of Equipment and Technologies since 2015


PJSC «NK «Rosneft» developed and placed on the electronic trading platform (ETP) a new information section that allows Russian manufacturers to take part in the Company's localization and import substitution program and obtain the necessary information on the principles, approaches and priority areas of the program.

Section «Import substitution» on the ETP was developed by the block of digitalization, innovations and localization of Rosneft together with JSC "TEK-Torg" in order to support Russian manufacturers, increase the speed of obtaining information and simplify the procedures for participating in the localization and import substitution program.

The information section allows you to apply for participation in the development of new products, pilot tests at the sites of PJSC "NK" Rosneft ". The section also contains information for manufacturers who have managed to establish mass production of products.

«Rosneft» Since 2015, it has been implementing the "Program for Localization and Import Substitution of Equipment and Technologies"; to ensure the sustainability of its production activities and fulfill the tasks of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of localization and import substitution. The Program is based on the goals and objectives stipulated by the Strategy and the Long-Term Development Program of PJSC NK Rosneft.


< p style="text-align: justify;"> Goals implemented by the "Program of Localization and Import Substitution of Equipment and Technologies":

  • Rosneft» as a high-tech oil and gas company through the use of promising import-substituting technologies and products.
  • Ensuring the technologically sustainable position of Rosneft Oil Company on the hydrocarbon market by increasing the share of Russian products.
  • Development of infrastructure for the implementation of projects in the field of exploration, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas due to the localization of production.< /li>

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