By 2023, at least 70% of equipment purchased by the state will be on Russian processors


The Ministry of Industry and Trade asks Russian software developers to speed up the adaptation of their products to Russian Elbrus processors. and "Baikal". Market participants argue that this is pointless — too few computers that run on domestic components. But the authorities promise that by 2023 at least 70% of the equipment purchased by the state will be on Russian processors.

“Ъ” got acquainted with the letter of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Oleg Bocharov dated July 28 to Russian software developers. The official asks to ensure the compatibility of products with Russian Elbrus processors and "Baikal". The Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed that they had sent corresponding letters to the Ministry of Digital Development and software manufacturers.

According to the basic set of software in each class of products, there are either compatible solutions or they are being developed, admits Mr. Bocharov in a letter. “But a number of programs remain, for which work is not planned to adapt it to domestic hardware platforms. For example, IFCPlugin, 1C, Consultant+, Compass 3D, P7-Office, Arenadata, — he adds. Work on adapting Russian software to domestic processors needs to be accelerated, taking into account new requirements for import substitution in the field of microelectronics, the official insists. “We expect that in 2023 at least 70% of computer equipment purchased for state needs will work on domestic processors,” — underlined in the press service of the ministry.

Legislatively, departments and state-owned companies are now not required to use computers with Russian processors. But from 2022, in accordance with the amendments to government decree No. 719 adopted at the end of last year, they will have to purchase PCs and servers with Russian processors. further Kommersant