JSC Investgeoservice headed by Andrey Korolev


The Board of Directors of JSC «Investgeoservis» (a major contractor of Rosneft), a decision was made to adjust upwards the capital investment program for 2021, and personnel changes were agreed for the management staff in the subsidiaries of OOO NEU and OOO "IGS Technology". Company "Investgeoservis" headed by Andrey Korolev. General Director Damir Tuktarov headed the board of directors of Investgeoservice JSC. Andrei Korolev led the Akros oilfield service company for seven years. Group of companies « Investment geoservice» carries out a full cycle of construction of oil and gas wells of any complexity, design and purpose (prospecting, exploration, production), including extended reach wells (ERD) and multilateral wells on the conditions required for the customer:
General contracting ( «turnkey») – key specialization – includes a full range of well construction works from the construction of passages and backfilling of the site to the development / testing and commissioning of wells / conservation / liquidation.
Drilling at a daily rate (separate service) – provision of services for drilling wells with the provision of drilling crews and/or drilling rigs of various capacities.
Project management – well construction cycle management services of any complexity. The range of project management services is individually selected based on the existing needs of the customer. Project management services include, but are not limited to, the main areas: participation in the development of project documentation, management and control over all processes and types of work at the well, control and optimization of costs, engineering, technology, supervising, logistics, supply.

< p style="text-align: justify;"> Provision of technological services in drilling:
- Fastening (cementing) of casing strings
- Services for directional drilling, including logging while drilling
-Service for the preparation and maintenance of drilling fluids
Well surveys - comprehensive studies of all types of inflow, multi-phase measurements of well production without shutting down the well and releasing gas into the atmosphere, taking deep and wellhead formation fluid samples, laboratory studies, reporting and issuing recommendations, calculating reserves to protect them in the State Commission for Mineral Reserves minerals and design development and operation of the deposit.

General Director of JSC «Investgeoservice» Korolev Andrey Vladimirovich
Address: 117036, Moscow, Prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya, 10a
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