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Oil service company rating will be given to the public


October 17th hotel InterContinental (Moscow, Tverskaya Str., 22) will be the venue for the twelfth annual conference «Oil-and-gas service in Russia» (Neftegazservice-2017). The major focus of the conference is to arrange and to tighten direct links of the customer and the   oil service contractors. Tutors of the oil-serviced block of the Vertically Integrated Oil Companies, top managers of the biggest drilling and geophysical companies will be given the floor at the conference. Weak points of the Russian oil service, problems of localization of technologies and equipment, the part of the public authorities and customers they play in the oil service market arrangement, issues of interaction of the customers and the service contractors are under consideration. 

Two round table discussions will be arranged at the conference:

  • Strategic development and technological agenda of the O&G companies in the field of exploration and production» and «Drilling agents
  • Drilling fluids
  • JSC «Zarubezhneft» is holding a meeting with the focus on: «The service companies on the market of Viet Nam: demands for services and equipment»

List of participants of Neftegazservice- 2017:

SD Committee Member on energy Yushaa Gazgireev, R&D and innovation technology Director  JSC «Rosgeologiya» Edmund Ohngemach, head of department of the oil-and gas geology  of the Federal Agency for Subsurface Use Sergey Shimansky, head of repair and overhaul department PJSC «OC «Rosneft» Evgeny Rosenberger, head of department of the production efficiency and  the technological transport PJSC «OC «Rosneft» Alexey Isakov, head of department of the technology and the engineering management PJSC «OC «Rosneft» Vasily Kireev, deputy head of department of the well construction PJSC «OC «Rosneft» Ilya Matveev, project supervisor of the technology and engineering management PJSC «OC «Rosneft» Victor Novikov, project supervisor of the technology and the engineering management PJSC «OC «Rosneft»« Evgeny Pilipets, manager of the department of the oil production support and the production services  of PJSC «LUKOIL» Dmitry Rinev, deputy head of department of the well technologies PJSC «NOVATEC» Ivan Shokarev, head of the well repair and overhaul department JSC «Zarubezhneft» Konstantin Kämpf, head of the logistics arm LLC «Zarubezhneft- dobycha Kharyaga» Sevir Ivanov, head of department of the well technologies PJSC OC «RussNeft» Evgeny Fedorov, director general LLC «ERIELL NEFTEGAZSERVICE» Vitaly Dokunikhin, deputy director of the production facilities development LLC «MC «Tatburneft» Ildar Burganov, executive vice-president SC «NewTech Services» Valery Bessel, head of the engineering department of project management  of Halliburton Vyacheslav Grishankov, sales director of Baker Hughes Evgeny Chashin and others.

To ask for the conference program

The awarding ceremony of the best oil service contractors will be the hallmark of the event due to the annual direct survey results of the O&G companies. The survey is arranged according to the following nominations: field geophysics, seismic survey and VSP, WWS, production and exploration drilling, telemetering, HDD, DDS, bit service, WS&WO, Squeeze Job and fishing service, drilling-mud services, well cementing, coiled tubing, fracturing treatment, maintenance of ESP.


All conference participants will be granted a new edition of the wall pin-up map «Russian oil-and-gas service– 2017» and a reference book «Oil-and-gas service – 2017».

Forms of participation are as follows, the one: 

  • As a delegate
  • As a delegate with the brief presentation
  • As a delegate with the extended presentation
  • As an exhibition participant
  • As a sponsor
  • As a distant participant

To take part in the conference

Phones: (495) 514-58-56, 514-44-68; E- Mail: info@n-g-k.ru

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