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UfaKhimProject is listed in the Oil and Gas Industry Supply Database


UfaKhimProject LLC, the company dealing with production and development of chemical agents, is listed in the Oil and Gas Industry Supply Database – Prom-oil. Проект  призван повысить прозрачность рынка и защитить интересы добросовестных поставщиков оборудования и услуг для отрасли. The suppliers who are ready to disclose information about their companies may enter the database on the web-site. The database comprises the suppliers’ general data required for preliminary assessment of their abilities: brief history of a company, experience of work at the oil and gas market, availability of service centers, information on the contracts executed, customers' references, etc. This non-confidential information and its representative style are very useful for selection of a reliable supplier. Prom-oil allows the customers to exchange information about their suppliers, clearing the market from doubtful and unreliable firms. One of its useful functions is publication of the oil and gas bids on a single site.  This is a significant advantage for the suppliers who face difficulties with continuous monitoring of numerous oil and gas companies’ web sites.


The Production Association UfaKhim Project was established in 1993. The Company’s chief task is procurement and supply of laboratories and production divisions with chemical agents, labware and equipment.

The Company’s areas of activity include: research and production; low-tonnage production of chemical agents, compositions and solutions; supply and procurement of the equipment for chemical laboratories and research shops; procurement and sales of foreign-made chemical agents and feedstock.


PR office
Phone numbers: (495) 514-44-68, 514-58-56

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