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The conference "Supply chain in oil&gas complex" will be held in March 14th (NEFTEGAZSNAB-2013)


   The VIIIth international conference " Supply chain in oil&gas complex" (NEFTEGAZSNAB -2013) will be held March 14th in Moscow in the hotel "InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya". NEFTEGAZSNAB is the biggest event for the heads of departments of oil&gas complex logistic provision. Experience exchange and logistics support system of different companies of the branch is held at the conference.

Object of NEFTEGAZSNAB-2013 is to form a transparent and open system of choosing of suppliers of oil&gas companies. The event enables contractors to communicate to the wide scope of contractor and colleagues, to broaden the scope and to acquire useful contacts.

Major topic of the conference is titled: "Automatic performance of the logistics support system of oil&gas companies. Automatic performance influence on the participation of suppliers in on-line trading of oil&gas companies".

At the conference NEFTEGAZSNAB-2013 there will be an awarding winner ceremony held on basis of consumer survey of oil&gas complex managed by the Coordination Council of consumers of industrial products of oil&gas complex.

The following guests are among participants: JSC "Gazprom neft", JSC "Bashneft", JSC "NOVATEC", JSC OC "RussNeft", JSC "Surgutneftegaz", JSC "Tatneft", JSC "Naftan", JSC "Stroytransgaz", LLC "UC "Group GMS", JSC "Z", JSC "H "", JSC "LMET", JSC "PO ElAZ", JSC "Izhorsky Plants", FGUP "Combinat Electrochimpribor", LLC "Corporation Uraltechnostroy", LLC "C "Kungur", JSC "NP "Podolsk Cabel", LLC "Trading House "Spetstechnica GrAZ", LLC "Holding Cable Alliance" and others.

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