The Ministry of Energy has once again been accused of not being involved in equipment for the fuel and energy complex


There are some oddities in the structure of the Russian Ministry of Energy, which TEK-ALL has already written about. In particular, the legal department for some reason is subordinated not to professional lawyer Anastasia Bondarenko, but to power engineer Pavel Snikkars. The department of international cooperation is supervised by coal miner Sergei Mochalnikov, and not by Pavel Sorokin, who knows languages ​​very well and has worked and conducted negotiations abroad. For some reason, the security department is not supervised by Yevgeny Grabchak, who regularly "puts out fires", and financial and property relations are not supervised by Anastasia Bondarenko. There are also many oddities in the part of supervising import substitution in the Russian Ministry of Energy. It is not very clear which department and which specialists are engaged in this most important area. Deputy Minister Eduard Sheremetsev also has a strange position, supervising only one department. It is not clear why a deputy minister is needed for this. Anastasia Bondarenko and Yevgeny Grabchak could have supervised the Department of Digital Transformation, but this did not happen. They preferred to appoint an entire deputy minister, who, as experts note, supervises a single department, essentially duplicating the work of its head.