Power Machines can supply gas turbines to Arctic LNG-2 instead of Harbin Guanghan Gas Turbine


Supplier of turbines for power supply to NOVATEK's Arctic LNG-2 plant may become the Chinese Harbin Guanghan Gas Turbine Co. Ltd, part of China Shipbuilding Industry Company. The company will supply machines for the first two trains of the LNG project, each requiring approximately 150 MW of energy capacity. NOVATEK was looking for solutions in alternative markets due to the fact that the American Baker Hughes refused to supply gas turbines necessary for gas liquefaction and power supply to the enterprise.
In addition to the turbines for power supply "Arctic LNG-2" NOVATEK requires turbines for the LNG process. The problem arose due to the fact that the American Baker Hughes refused to supply the contracted LM9000 gas turbines. In total, Baker Hughes was supposed to supply Arctic LNG-2 for three lines. about 20 LM9000 turbines with a capacity of up to 75 MW, but only four were shipped.
As reported by "Kommersant" NOVATEK has changed the composition of key equipment for power supply of the Arctic LNG-2 plant under construction. Instead of purchasing machines from the Chinese Harbin Guanghan Gas Turbine, which may not meet the deadline, the company ordered three GTE-170 units from Power Machines to supply power to the second line of the plant. Alexey Mordashov. This is stated in the minutes of the meeting of the State Council Commission on Energy dated April 3, a copy of which is available from Kommersant.
In 2023, Power Machines have completed production of the prototype and first production samples of the GTE-170, and now the vehicles are being prepared for shipment to Murmansk for use in NOVATEK’s LNG projects, it follows from the document. According to Kommersant sources, we are talking about the supply of three machines for power supply to the second line of Arctic LNG-2. Despite direct US sanctions against the project, NOVATEK, according to Kommersant's interlocutors, maintains plans to launch the line this year.