JSC Gazprom Shelfproject more than doubled its revenue


New offshore drilling contractor for Gazprom — “Gazprom Shelfproekt” — continues to increase business volumes. He received, in addition to contracts for drilling on the Arctic shelf and Sakhalin, a contract for the construction and installation of a platform for the large Kamennomysskoye-Sea field. The company's revenue in 2023 more than doubled to RUB 61.1 billion. The company was controlled by the son of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, former deputy head of Gazprom Neft. Andrei Patrushev, at the beginning of 2023 Gazprom received 50% of it. Kommersant

Main services of Gazprom Shelfproject JSC in the field of integrated management

  • Integrated service for managing clients’ infrastructure projects, exploration and production drilling programs
  • Support and implementation of desk work
  • Conducting independent examination and market analysis as part of project cost formation
  • Development of packages of basic project documentation, including plans and work programs
  • Performing independent audits of service organizations, floating drilling rigs, and offshore support vessels projects
  • Independent consulting in the field of risk management during project implementation, creation of risk assessment and analysis maps
  • Consolidated service for the implementation of turnkey projects under general contracting schemes, “Cost+”, or “Open Book”
  • Providing duty dispatch service during the implementation of offshore drilling projects
  • Performing all types of work using floating drilling rigs (floating drilling rigs)
  • Marine logistics services using specialized fleet
  • Providing onshore cargo logistics services and provision of storage areas
  • Providing a wide range of environmental services

Solved problems

  • "> Carrying out offshore geological exploration drilling on the shelf and in inland sea waters
  • Carrying out production drilling of offshore wells and development of offshore fields
  • Capital construction of wells and well clusters on land
  • Field development work
  • Conducting comprehensive marine engineering surveys and surveying the mouths of abandoned wells
  • Development of design documentation for offshore and onshore well drilling projects

General Director of JSC Gazprom Shelfproject - Alexander Nikolaevich Korobkov

Address: 119071, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 15a, floor 9
Phone: +7 (499) 673-98-98
E-mail: info@gazprom-shelfproject.ru