Leasing of trucks of the VTB Leasing group increased by 138%


At the end of 2023, the volume of new business of leasing companies in the Russian Federation increased by more than 80%, to RUB 3.59 trillion. This is 57% more than even pre-crisis 2021. About the reasons for the growth, the situation in different leasing segments, the impact on the dynamics of the Central Bank rates in an interview with Kommersant. said the General Director of VTB Leasing Anton Musatov.
— What financial results did you achieve in 2023? What do you expect from 2024?
— Last year was one of the most successful in the history of the development of the VTB Leasing group. Our portfolio according to the market methodology "Expert RA" and the United Leasing Association (OLA) increased by 50%, to 953 billion rubles. We doubled in terms of new business, to 419 billion rubles, and concluded 46 thousand contracts, which again, in fact, is twice as high as in 2022. The amount of payments from clients amounted to 321 billion rubles.
— This was mainly due to car leasing?
— Yes, the segment showed significant growth across the entire market. Our growth in new business in car leasing exceeded 100%, reaching RUB 244 billion. As in the market, largely thanks to truck leasing — it increased by 138%, to 132 billion rubles. For passenger cars, the increase was 86%, new business reached 49 billion rubles. And for special equipment there is also an active pace — close to 100%, the volume of new business — RUB 57 billion Kommersant