The transition of thermal power plants with imported turbines to Russian control systems is not easy


As Kommersant found out, industry regulators are afraid of possible emergency situations at thermal power plants with imported turbines during the transition to Russian control systems. "System operator" proposes to replace foreign software at thermal power plants with a capacity of 25 GW gradually and only after thorough testing. The Ministry of Energy claims that all fuel and energy companies have begun the transition to Russian software. Analysts agree that simultaneous replacement of key systems on turbines can reduce the quality of their operation and even lead to accidents.
«System operator» (SO, energy system dispatcher) is concerned about the sudden import substitution of software at thermal power plants with foreign turbines, they told Kommersant. industry sources. According to them, the most pressing issue is the replacement of automatic control systems (ACS) of imported turbines, which control the technological parameters of the machine by collecting data from sensors. The CO fears that the installation of third-party systems may negatively affect the operation of the equipment. Possible consequences include: a decrease in the speed of turbine power generation and deterioration in the operation of emergency automation.

The capacity of power units with imported turbines in the Russian Federation, according to CO estimates, is about 25 GW. In total, more than 250 gas turbines of the Siemens, General Electric, Alstom, etc. brands are installed in the country, the service of which has been stopped due to sanctions. The lion's share of machines continues to operate: according to CO, generating companies last year put a maximum of 542 MW per month into cold reserve to save resources.