Personnel and structural changes have begun at Gazprom Neft


From April 5, Gazprom Neft (GPN) switched to a management model similar to the parent company. Departments became the highest level of the structural division of GPN, as in Gazprom. Before the changes, the main organizational unit of Gazprom Neft there were blocks. About the transformation of Vedomosti said two interlocutors close to the GPN, the information was confirmed by a source close to the government. Previously, the company operated two key units and several auxiliary units. The first block – exploration and production, second – logistics, processing and sales. Auxiliary blocks performed mainly the function of services – management of finances, property, legal issues, security, etc.

The purpose of the changes, according to interlocutors, – build a more transparent and rigid vertical. Previously, the GPN was largely an autonomous organization – with its own organizational structure, principles, objectives, etc. With the new structure, it will be easier for heads of departments of the parent company to interact with their colleagues in the subsidiary. The position of the general director and his deputies will be abolished, and the governing body will remain the board headed by the chairman and deputies. Now the position of the head of GPN Alexander Dyukov is called “General Director – Chairman of the Board." According to interlocutors, there is no talk of staff or salary cuts. Almost all employees signed employment contracts with similar positions and salaries.

In addition to corporate changes at Gazprom Neft, There will also be significant personnel changes. In particular, Vadim Yakovlev, who oversaw the exploration and production block, left the company. He informed employees about this on the eve of the changes coming into force – April, 4. However, according to an interlocutor close to the GPN, Yakovlev’s decision was not spontaneous – he accepted it last year. Instead, Anton Dzhalyabov will oversee exploration and production. He joined the company in August 2023 as Deputy General Director – chief engineer of the company. In the new structure, Dzhalyabov will take the place of deputy chairman of the board. In addition to the production area, auxiliary departments will also be subordinate to him.

Vedomosti sources Dzhalyabov is called the person of the deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom. Vitaly Markelov, who at the parent company oversees, among other things, Gazprom Neft.Before joining the oil company, Dzhalyabov worked in subsidiaries of Gazprom. – LLC "Gazprom Dobycha Nadym" and Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk LLC. Control will be strengthened through both organizational and personnel changes, believes an interlocutor close to the GPN. He adds that Dzhalyabov was given, among other things, the task of conducting an audit of auxiliary departments in order to analyze their functionality for duplication with similar services of Gazprom.

Close to The government source, however, doubts that the changes will end with “renaming the blocks into departments.” According to him, Gazprom unlike Gazprom Neft is in an unfavorable financial situation: the parent company plans to more actively use the resources of its subsidiary to solve its problems.