Sergey Sergeev was appointed General Director of Amur Gas Chemical Complex LLC


Amur Gas Chemical Complex – a joint venture between SIBUR, one of the most dynamically developing petrochemical companies in the world, and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec), a leading energy and chemical company in China.
Amur Gas Chemical Complex — one of the world's largest enterprises for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene brands that are in demand in the Russian and world markets. The production capacity of the complex will be up to 2.7 million tons of finished products per year.
​From February 23, 2024, the General Director of Amur Gas Chemical Complex LLC Sergey Sergeev was appointed. Sergey Sergeev was born in 1972. Graduated from Omsk State Technical University with a degree in mechanical engineering, machines and apparatus for chemical production and construction materials enterprises. Completed advanced training in the field of "Investment Project Management".
Has many years of experience in organizing, managing the maintenance and repair of process equipment, operating petrochemical plants, organizing and managing pre-commissioning and commissioning work on the largest projects of SIBUR and the petrochemical industry. These include the launch and subsequent operation of the BK-2 isobutane dehydrogenation workshop at the Tobolsk Petrochemical Plant, the commissioning of Tobolsk-Polymer – an industrial complex for processing associated petroleum gas components into polymer products of popular brands. Involved in the analysis and development of design solutions for the selection of main process equipment, as well as the development of a strategy for its maintenance.
Organized and coordinated pre-commissioning and commissioning work at the polyvinyl chloride production plant "RusVinyl" (2014) in Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod region.
Provided the organization and management of the production and commissioning of the ZapSibNeftekhim complex for deep processing of hydrocarbons. (2015-2019) in Tobolsk, Tyumen region. Under the leadership of Sergei Sergeev at ZapSibNeftekhim a methodology for organizing and managing commissioning work was developed and implemented at all stages of the investment project.
Since 2020, Sergey Sergeev led the commissioning work, and in 2022 he headed the construction project of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (customer - Gazprom company). Under his management, readiness was ensured for the successful commissioning of three technological lines, helium production units, and a natural gas liquids purification and gas fractionation unit.Led a project team of over 1,100 people. Gained extensive experience in organizing project management for the supply of materials and equipment (including the delivery of large cargo), construction, installation and commissioning works, including the organization of social and living infrastructure for working personnel.

Curator of design issues (technical issues) Ekaterina Viktorovna Bolotova
Curator of procurement, supply, logistics Sergey Ivanovich Pisarev

General Director of Amur Gas Chemical Complex LLC Sergeev Sergey Dmitrievich

Project office for the construction of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex in Svobodnensky district
676436, Amur region, Svobodnensky district, village. Chernigovka, st. Oktyabrskaya, 18V, room 9
676436, Amur region, Svobodnensky district, construction site of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, Field Office No. 1

Project office for the construction of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex in Moscow
117342, Moscow, st. Profsoyuznaya, 65, building 1
Phone: +7 (800) 600-28-25