There are many foreign tires in the coal industry


Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov discussed with representatives of the largest enterprises of the Russian tire industry the current state of the industry and further plans for its development.

At the meeting it was noted that currently There are 18 production sites in Russia capable of producing tires of various classes. At the same time, the domestic market is capacious: at the end of 2023, its volume was about 76 million units. Russian, as well as localized foreign manufacturers, despite the imposed sanctions, consistently provide about 60% of domestic tire consumption. This became possible thanks to the active work of industry companies, the industry association and the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Thus, with the assistance of the department, most transactions for the purchase of foreign assets by Russian companies and managers were completed during 2023. There was also a reorientation of import supplies of tires and raw materials for their production to friendly countries. All this contributed to the uninterrupted supply of all types of products to Russian consumers and the preservation of jobs at enterprises. During the meeting, it was noted that the Russian tire production industry has fully adapted to new realities, and enterprises are ready to increase production capacity for individual tire sizes.

Another topic that was raised at the meeting – This is the raw material for tire production. Participants noted that the industry is provided with all the main raw materials. All the need for synthetic rubbers is covered by Russian companies, and natural rubbers are supplied from friendly countries. The production of other components (vulcanizers, plasticizers, etc.) is also planned to be developed in Russia. This work will be carried out within the framework of the federal project “Development of production of new materials” and a megaproject for import substitution of critical chemical products. At the same time, the Department of Chemical Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia has already included 40 raw materials necessary for the creation of these products in the updated import substitution plan. In 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, as part of the R&D support mechanism, has already supported five projects to create the production of raw materials for tires in the amount of 390 million rubles. Also Russian companies – tire manufacturers in 2023 were supported within the framework of corporate programs to increase competitiveness (Government Decree No. 191) and subsidize the costs of transporting products during export in the amount of more than 1 billion rubles.

Separately, the meeting participants discussed the further development of technical regulation, certification tests of Russian tire products, and a tire labeling system in order to accelerate the introduction of Russian high-quality products to the market.

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