ANO "Computer Technology" wants to change the rules for recognizing equipment as Russian


Newspaper "Kommersant" announced amendments to government decree No. 719 “On confirmation of the production of industrial products on the territory of the Russian Federation,” which are being prepared by the ANO “Computer Technology”. The initiators of the changes believe that the initiative will allow them to overcome the threshold required for the recognition of technology as domestic. It is proposed to award almost the maximum 20 points to Russian electronics for the use of domestic hard drives, printed circuit boards for power supply, RFID modules and a number of other components. Experts note that it will become easier to achieve recognition of Russian devices based on foreign production.

Consortium "Computer Technology" was created by leading Russian developers and manufacturers with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
The goals and objectives of the Consortium are the development of the radio-electronic industry, protecting the interests of domestic developers and manufacturers of computer equipment, as well as creating conditions for increasing their market share.

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