A competitive selection of members of the new Public Council under Rostechnadzor has been announced


On February 5, 2024, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation announced the preparation and conduct of a competitive selection of members of the new Public Council under Rostechnadzor. The terms of office of the members of the Public Chamber, expiring on March 11, 2024, are extended until a new composition is formed.
The Public Chamber, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, takes part in the formation of public councils under federal executive bodies.
Public councils under federal bodies executive authorities are formed on a competitive basis, unless a different procedure for the formation of public councils under individual federal executive authorities is provided for by regulatory legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation or the Government of the Russian Federation. The organizer of the competition is the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.
The Public Council under the federal executive body is designed to ensure that the needs and interests of citizens of the Russian Federation are taken into account, the rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation and the rights of public associations are protected in the implementation of state policy in the area related to activities of the executive body, as well as for the purpose of exercising public control over the activities of the relevant federal executive body.
The Public Council is a permanent advisory and advisory body of public control.
The purpose of the activities of the Public Council is to exercise public control over the activities federal executive body, including consideration of drafts of socially significant regulatory legal acts being developed, participation in monitoring the quality of the provision of public services, implementation of control and supervisory functions, the progress of anti-corruption and personnel work, assessing the effectiveness of public procurement, consideration of the annual activity plans of the government body and the report on their execution, as well as other issues provided for by current legislation.
The term of office of members of the public council is three years from the date of the first meeting of the newly formed public council.

To participate in the competitive selection, the following is required:

1) authorize to enter your Personal Account on the website os.oprf.ru;
2) fill out the questionnaire form;
3) attach a file with a scan of the organization’s presentation,nominating a candidate to the public council;
4) print and sign documents;
5) send a printed set of personally signed documents and the original submission of the nominating organization to the Federal Public Institution “Apparatus of the Public Chamber of Russia” through postal services, courier service, and also by hand at the address: 125993, Moscow, GSP-3, Miusskaya square, 7, building 1, Office of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation until March 4, 2024 inclusive (on envelopes sent should indicate: “Competition for the public council under … (name of department).” If you send documents by courier, then in the “recipient” section indicate: “Place in the box “For receiving documents for public councils.” The staff of the apparatus does not mark the acceptance of documents to couriers.

Original documents sent by courier service or delivered in person must be placed in the box “For accepting documents to public councils.” in the foyer of the Public Chamber on weekdays from 9:00 to 20:00.

Important: You can register on the website and make changes to the application form from February 5 to February 26 2024 until 23.59, acceptance of original documents is carried out from February 5 to March 4, 2024 inclusive.

Phone for inquiries: + 7 (495) 132-59-99 (ext.: 21-13)