In addition to departments, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will also have departments


The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has 27 departments. The department is headed by a director who has several deputies. The department consists of departments. Now the Ministry of Industry and Trade will also have departments. An order was signed to create a department for agricultural, food and road construction engineering, a department for state policy in the field of technical regulation, standardization and ensuring uniformity of measurements, a protocol department and press service, a department for unmanned systems and robotics.

The press service department, which is headed by Maxim Krikunenko, is promoted to the level of department, and the Department of Agricultural, Food and Road Construction Engineering of Maria Elkina and the Department of State Policy in the Field of Technical Regulation, Standardization and Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements of Vyacheslav Burmistrov are demoted to the controls.
Management of unmanned systems and robotics - new. There was no such division in the structure of the Ministry of Industry and Trade previously.