The Ministry of Energy will initiate an extension of the CSA program


The mechanism for competitive selection of power for modernization of generation is important and the Ministry of Energy will initiate an extension of the CSA program (capacity supply agreement) after 2031 for any stations. Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Pavel Snikkars spoke about this during an extended meeting of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

He explained that due to the fact that Russia has a unified energy system, the country has large stations with large installed capacity, which is sometimes 3-4 times higher than the consumption of one subject.

“When some regions claim that they are energy deficient, This is not quite the correct thesis. Due to the centralized energy supply system, we cover this load either with flows or with the construction of generation,” explained Pavel Snikkars. - We centrally plan energy development, while using market mechanisms in the form of competitions to find counterparties in order to optimize the price burden on consumers. Therefore, the DPM program will continue to work.”

The Deputy Minister of Energy also clarified that the mechanism will also be used for the development of the South. The selection of a company that will participate in the construction of generation and subsequently receive a guaranteed return on investment using these instruments will be carried out through competitive procedures or other decisions.

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