The renaming of Izhora plants into a “branch of AEM technology” caused a mixed reaction from machine builders


Izhora plants are located in Kolpino (St. Petersburg). This is one of the most famous and glorious machine-building enterprises in our country. The plant was created in the 17th century by order of Peter the Great. In the nomenclature of the enterprise — equipment for nuclear energy and petrochemical complex, metallurgical products, bridge and road metal structures, welding electrodes and fluxes. During the Great Patriotic War, the Izhora battalion was formed from the factory workers, about which a film was later made. In 1941-1944, the battalion's soldiers in the ranks of the Red Army heroically fought the Nazis on the outskirts of Leningrad. The Izhora plant produced tank hulls, armored vehicles, ammunition, armored caps for bunkers and other products vital for the country's defense.
After the war, the plant built new metallurgical plants, reconstructed and expanded mechanical assembly shops, produced high-performance automated rolling mills, and established energy production equipment, more than 100 types of new technically advanced machines and products have been created. In 1970, production increased by more than 50% compared to 1965. The plant was awarded two Orders of Lenin (1940 and 1971) and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1947).

In 2022, the production facilities of Izhora Plants became part of the AEM company -technology" and the plant became known as a branch of JSC "AEM-Technologies" "Izhora". This renaming caused a mixed reaction from industrialists. Some statements from social networks
But this is absurd! How can the glorious Izhora plant be turned into a “branch of AEM”? Among the Germans, machine-building companies survived everyone: the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany and retained their names. AEMs come and go, Izhora Plants entered their fourth hundred years the year before last. And the Izhora battalion immortalized itself and forever entered the history of the Siege of Leningrad. Ordinary workers held the front for three months in 1941 in the Kolpinsky sector.

Elena Loginova, Chairman of the Subcommittee of the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry on interaction of the fuel and energy complex with related industries, notes: “In the process of working on the ratings, we encountered a strange situation when holdings are trying to make large factories founded in the century before last their own.” ;production divisions. We ask you to indicate the director of the plant - they do not give it and ask you to indicate the holding. This also applies to pipe and machine-building plants. Increasingly, “management company” is indicated in the manager column. How is this possible? Today the plant is in one holding, tomorrow in another,but it remains a FACTORY with its own history and production, and owners can change like gloves. We don’t want to evaluate holdings in ratings, we want to evaluate factories, but the holdings resist this in every possible way.”