PJSC "T Plus" ended up purchasing GTE-65 from the Leningrad Metal Plant (Power Machines)


As reported by the newspaper "Kommersant" General Director of PJSC "T Plus" Alexander Vilesov On January 17, at a meeting in the Ministry of Energy, he announced that the energy company would not build experimental power units of thermal power plants in Perm and Saratov using pilot gas turbines GTE-65. GTE-65 turbines are produced by the Leningrad Metal Plant, part of PJSC "Power Machines" Alexey Mordashev. They discussed the launch of power units at the Saratov CHPP-2 (115 MW) and at the Perm CHPP-14 (105 MW). According to sources of PJSC "Power Machines" are not ready to name the exact price of the turbines. Project indicative prices for industrial products for the fuel and energy complex was discussed in December 2023 at the RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry. On February 15, the issue of turbine procurement will be discussed at the InterContinental Hotel at the annual conference "Investment projects, modernization, procurement in the electric power industry", Investenergo-2024.

GTE-65 (gas turbine + electric generator) ” stationary gas turbine unit. Created at the Leningrad Metal Plant (&Power Machines») to use the technical re-equipment of existing power plants and new construction. GTE-65 is intended for use in combined cycle gas units with a capacity of 90 and 180 MW: with a steam turbine with a capacity of 30 MW, as well as with two gas turbine units, two waste heat boilers and a steam turbine with a capacity of 60 MW. The installation is capable of meeting heating needs and operating both in combined cycle units and autonomously.
In 2005”2008, R&D and testing were carried out at NPO TsKTI. In 2008, the lead sample of GTE-65 was shipped to CHPP-9 of Mosenergo OJSC, assembled and put into shafting with a generator. Commissioning work was carried out in 2011. After signing «Power Machines» a number of licensing agreements with «Siemens» the turbine was dismantled. In 2014, work was completed to replace an experimental turbine in the gas turbine superstructure of CHPP-9 with an Italian one of similar power, under a license from Siemens. In 2019 «Power Machines» announce the restoration of the GTE-65 and GTE-170 turbine projects.In 2020 «Power Machines» begin the procedure for exiting the joint venture «Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies».
PJSC "Power Machines" creates a gas turbine design bureau in St. Petersburg, employing about a hundred people, some of whom came from the joint venture Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies. The design bureau is tasked with the gas turbines GTE-65 and GTE-170. To solve these problems, in addition to the design bureau in St. Petersburg, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, NPO TsKTI, Scientific Research Institute of Computer Science "Prometheus", CIAM, VTI, TsNIITMASH and many other organizations are involved. The issue of castings for gas turbine blades has been worked out.

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