Glavgosexpertiza involves the customer in work on projects


As part of the Year of the Customer in the Construction Industry, Glavgosexpertiza of Russia is taking a number of actions to strengthen the role of developers and increase their responsibility for the quality of designed objects. To achieve this, the procedures for the initial acceptance of documents to Glavgosexpertiza and further coordination of the actions of experts and applicants are being improved.
It is planned that the specialist of the Interaction Service for Expert Services, when accepting documents, will enter into the AIS «Expertise» information about the representative of the developer (technical customer) authorized to make decisions on the implementation of the investment project.
As Yulia Isachenko, head of the Interaction Service for Expert Services, emphasizes, the practice of regular and close interaction between experts and customer representatives and design organizations has already proven its effectiveness. In many cases, it is an active position and a deep immersion in the customer’s project that makes it possible to quickly eliminate comments and obtain a positive examination result without extending the examination period».
Also, in direct interaction with applicants at various stages of review and adjustment of projects, the chief project experts (GEP) will involve a representative of the developer (technical customer) to participate in workshops and work meetings on all issues related to the state examination. The format and frequency of such events is determined by the decision of the State Prosecutor General, the head of the State Prosecutor Service or the leading curator of the Interaction Service for Expert Services. Work sessions and meetings are held both in the form of personal communication with the applicant at the Glavgosexpertiza site, and remotely using corporate video conferencing facilities.
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