Electronic course "Expert in purchasing and supply management"


What does the success of a company depend on? From various internal and external factors, but the lion's share of the cost of production, especially goods and services, is determined by the effective work of procurement, supply and logistics specialists. Supply disruptions lead to downtime, reduced revenue and increased costs. Procurement management “ one of the most important elements for the effective operation of the company. Therefore, the expert responsible for procurement management must be highly qualified and broad-minded in organizing procurement processes, logistics, supply logistics, supply quality management, etc.

Isource Academy has systematized the knowledge of the best experts and released a new fundamental course on procurement and supply, which will allow you to master best practices from scratch or fill gaps, as well as obtain professional qualifications.

Friends, we invite you to the professional retraining program «Purchasing and Supply Management Expert»!

During training you:

  • Get acquainted with the basic methods of pricing, justification and planning of purchases;
  • Gain knowledge of the fundamentals of category management and contracting strategies;
  • Learn how to effectively manage supplies and suppliers, inventories and quality of materials and materials;
  • Gain knowledge in the field of logistics;
  • Consider in detail the analytical and financial aspects, legal framework;
  • Familiarize yourself in detail with the specifics of organizing and managing government and corporate procurement in accordance with 44-FZ and 223-FZ

And much more!

As a result of the training, you will receive a Diploma of professional retraining with the qualification «Procurement Expert» and the right to conduct professional activities.

The full cost of the program is 56,000 rubles. with VAT

Until January 31, 2024 there is a 20% discount - 44,800 rubles. with VAT