Reverse engineering is being made a priority in technical education


The transformation of the training of engineering personnel for technological sovereignty involves a transition to the creation of ready-made engineering teams for the industry in universities, follows from the Development Strategy of Bauman MSTU until 2030. The document was considered at a specialized strategic session led by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on January 10. The need for changes in training in the White House was explained by the need for reverse engineering, development and operation of fundamentally new technologies in the Russian Federation. In the future, Baumanka’s experience is expected to be extended to other leading engineering and technical universities to focus them on megaprojects. Kommersant

Reverse engineering (reverse engineering, reverse engineering, reverse-engineering) – the process of creating an exact copy of an object from an existing model, having the same physical characteristics. Reverse engineering is useful in cases where a manufacturer wants to replace an imported component or restore design documentation and the production process. Reverse engineering technology is most widespread in high-tech industries, but can be used in all industries.