LUKOIL solves problems with repair of catalytic cracking unit


As it became known to Kommersant, LUKOIL became the first major victim of Western sanctions in oil refining. Its Nizhny Novgorod refinery, one of the largest in the Russian Federation, completely shut down one of the two catalytic cracking units, key for the production of gasoline, due to the accident. A second catalytic cracker also broke down in late December but has since been restarted. LUKOIL will now have to look for a replacement for failed Western equipment. The oil company stopped selling AI-95 gasoline on the stock exchange last week, but so far the impact on stock prices has been insignificant due to low demand for fuel in winter.
In January, LUKOIL’s catalytic cracking unit at the Nizhny Novgorod Refinery, which allows the production of high-octane gasoline, failed, several interlocutors told Kommersant. According to them, the reason for its shutdown on January 4 was the breakdown of foreign compressor equipment, which cannot be replaced in the near future due to Western sanctions. Interlocutors “Ъ” claim that LUKOIL will strive to complete repairs at this installation by spring. Kommersant