VNIPIneft will hold a conference "Current tasks of the petrochemical complex"


November 30, 2023 "VNIPIneft" will hold a conference “Current challenges of the petrochemical complex” in Moscow. Every year, more than 500 leading representatives of the Russian petrochemical industry take part in the large-scale event.
During the conference, delegates will consider the current state of the industry, prospects and opportunities for import substitution of the main processes of oil refining and petrochemicals, and will also identify points of development to ensure the technological sovereignty of the domestic industry.< br /> Conference participants – specialists from the Rosneft company, representatives of ministries and departments, the Russian Academy of Sciences, oil refining and petrochemical companies, design and engineering institutes, universities, public and specialized organizations.
Speakers will talk about achievements in the field of digitalization and experience in automating basic technological processes in production . In particular, the successful long-term path of implementation of 3D modeling tools by design institutes will be shown.
Speakers will share the experience of successful implementation of new domestic catalysts in production, the contribution of scientists to the development of modern technologies, in particular, GTL (gas-to-liquid) technology , which makes it possible to produce traditional motor fuels from natural gas.
The conference will include a Scientific School of Young Scientists, the topics of which will cover a wide range of issues related to the possibility and prospects of using low-carbon technologies in the context of the oil and gas refining complex.
Participation in the conference "Current tasks of the petrochemical complex" - free. You can find up-to-date information on the event website

Reference information
Research and Design Institute of Oil Refining and petrochemical industry JSC "VNIPIneft" was founded on February 9, 1929.
Since 1969, the institute has been the parent organization of the All-Union Association "Neftekhim". During this period, VNIPIneft included included 6 branches: Angarsk, Kuibyshev, Omsk, Rostov and Ufa.
In May 1994, the open joint stock company “VNIPIneft” was formed. Since 2016, the institute has entered the perimeter of the company PJSC NK Rosneft.
During this time, 40 plants, more than 370 oil refining and petrochemical installations were built according to the institute’s projects, both in Russia and the CIS countries, and abroad , including in Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, India, Cuba,