TASS about the scandal surrounding the theft of budget money for shipbuilding needs


Sent to the pre-trial detention center of the former general director of Aviatika LLC Igor Pyankov is the main defendant in the case of multimillion-dollar theft during the creation of software for the needs of the shipbuilding industry. As a TASS correspondent reports from the courtroom, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia is recognized as the injured party in the criminal case.
“Choose a preventive measure against the accused in the form of detention for a period until January 8, 2024,” says the decision of Judge Larisa Semenova .
During the court hearing, the investigator insisted on arresting Pyankov due to the fact that he could hide from the investigation and trial, and warn accomplices in the multimillion-dollar theft in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, which was recognized as the injured party in the case. “Pyankov can warn unidentified and undetected accomplices, as a result of which no other preventive measure can be chosen for him,” noted a representative of the capital’s Investigative Committee.
The accused himself asked the court not to choose a preventive measure related to deprivation of liberty for him, saying , which is actively cooperating with the investigation. “I have repented, I am cooperating with the investigation and counting on the court’s leniency,” he said.
As law enforcement agencies clarified to TASS, in the criminal case we are talking about budget funds in the amount of more than 240 million rubles allocated by MIREA for R&D "Adaptation", "within the framework of which software was to be created for the needs of the shipbuilding industry." "Adaptation" was carried out by MIREA with the involvement of co-executors, including Pyankov’s companies, and implied the creation of a standard electronic digital model of the vessel, the development of a unified Russian format for storing project documentation,” explained the agency’s interlocutor.
A criminal case was opened six months ago against unidentified persons. The period of the crimes incriminated against Pyankov, the de facto head of JSC System Dynamics, - refers to 2016-2018. Support during operational search activities, full-scale searches and during the arrest of a person involved in a criminal case of theft at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation was provided by employees of the "P" department. SEB FSB of Russia and Directorate "K" GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.