The RF Chamber of Commerce and Industry is preparing to discuss the problem of indicative prices for materials and equipment for the fuel and energy sector


In the 90s, when there was galloping inflation, as well as in the early 2000s, the price bulletin "Oil and Gas" was very popular equipment". The publication published indicative information on prices for industrial products for oil and gas workers, information on completeness, delivery times, and other commercial information. The bulletin contained the necessary contact details of the supplier (mainly manufacturing plants) to request additional information and order products. The Bulletin included not only Russian companies, but enterprises from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Bulletin "Oil and gas equipment" began to be published in the form of a newspaper, then in a magazine format, and in the new century in an on-line version. The publication was used by many logistics services of oil and gas companies and large industrial holdings. With the help of the Bulletin, regulatory government agencies and relevant divisions of oil and gas companies identified significant inflated purchase prices, which contributed to the formation of a civilized market for oil and gas equipment.

Currently, price instability has begun to appear in the fuel and energy equipment market. This is due to the increasing complexity of supplies of Western industrial products, tightening EU and US sanctions, changes in logistics, exchange rates and other reasons. Therefore, there was a need to regularly publish price targets for material and technical resources for the fuel and energy complex.

TEK-Rating Agency Based on surveys of oil and gas enterprises, it generates price indicators for the main types of industrial products for the oil industry. Prices are updated monthly and depending depending on the market situation. The Agency adheres to the following principles in selecting items for the formation of indicative prices:
- The item takes up a significant part in the total volume of purchases of the company's oil and gas company.
- The item is purchased regularly and is mass-produced.
- Prices are indicated at the most popular (basic) standard sizes.
- The remaining prices for other standard sizes can be obtained by extrapolation.

At the request of market participants, the Subcommittee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on interaction of the fuel and energy complex with related industries industry is preparing a "round table" on the issue of indicative prices for the main types of materials and equipment.