For the second year in a row, PetroEngineering was recognized as the best oil service company in the Well Cementing category.


«Innovative Service Company “PetroEngineering” recognized as the best at the end of 2022 among Russian oil service companies providing cementing services for oil and gas wells. The winner was identified through a survey of key consumers of the oil and gas market conducted by the agency "TEK-Rating".
During the work of "ISK "PetroEngineering" performed more than 16 thousand well cementing operations, during which about 500 thousand tons of cement were processed. The company has 24 cementing complexes, designed according to individual technical specifications, built both on off-road chassis, and several container fleets for helicopter transportation, and 12 cement plants. The laboratory complex of the company's cementing division includes 3 regional accredited laboratories and 4 field laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing for both standard industry laboratory tests and advanced ones. necessary for carrying out complex cementing work.
“ISK “PetroEngineering” This is the second year in a row that it has won this category. In addition, over the years the company has been recognized as the best in the “Drilling fluid support” categories. and "Bit service". And for two years in a row, as a result of a survey of key consumers, ISK has become the best Russian oil service company.
“Innovative Service Company “PetroEngineering” – integrator of engineering services in the field of drilling oil and gas wells. The company operates in several segments of the oilfield services market: telemetric support for directional drilling, support for drilling fluids, cementing and casing of wells, bit service, support for hydraulic downhole motors (HDM) and drilling tools, as well as core sampling. The company has branches in Kogalym, Usinsk and Perm, separate divisions in the regions of the Ural-Volga region and Eastern Siberia, its own research laboratory, as well as a plant for the production of PDC bits in Samara, owns several workshops for repairing hydraulic downhole motors and its own fleet of hydraulic motors . The company has over 300 engineering service posts at oil and gas fields in Russia and abroad under contracts with major subsoil users and drilling companies. ISK is part of the PetroEngineering Group of Companies. businessman Salikh Gadzhieva.