Rosseti has implemented an equipment register using a QR code for verification


"Rosseti" developed a register of certified equipment for the electric power industry with the functionality of using a QR code for verification
The system ( provides open access to a list of products and solutions recommended for use in the construction and modernization of Rosseti Group facilities ;. Using a QR code, users receive up-to-date information about certified equipment and the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the materials of the commission. And the company’s employees – the ability to quickly add and edit information about previously issued conclusions.
The initiative was implemented as part of solving the priority tasks of increasing the efficiency and openness of the company through the digital transformation of technological processes.
Quality control (certification) of equipment, materials and systems is internal system of incoming control of purchased products. As part of the procedure, equipment is checked for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Policy of PJSC Rosseti, organization standards and industry normative and technical documentation. In addition, as part of this work, the reliability of supply chains for imported components and possible risks of their service are analyzed.

Source: PJSC Rosseti