A database of unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers of industrial products will appear in Russia


A base of unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers of industrial products will appear in Russia. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is working on this issue with the ministries, it was found out by Izvestia". Companies that have been sentenced under the Code of Administrative Offenses and have been convicted in criminal cases will be blacklisted. These databases can be used in government procurement, social activists believe.
A database will appear in Russia that will contain information about unscrupulous manufacturers, suppliers, and importers of industrial products. The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported the creation of such a list in the country, they told Izvestia. in the department. The list will include companies with administrative penalties and convictions in criminal cases in the field of illegal trade in goods.
Previously, the government instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to study the issue of creating such a base in Russia, including identifying sources of its financing, the department specified. This follows from the action plan for the implementation of the Strategy to combat illicit trafficking in industrial products in the Russian Federation until 2025.
The Constitution does not define the concept of “bad faith”, accordingly, this is only an expert opinion, a conclusion and nothing more, said “ Izvestia" Member of the General Council of Business Russia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Berega JSC Yuri Korobov.
— Even if there is a court decision in business matters, everything can be ambiguous. State institutions may also participate in the chain, as a result of whose actions the entrepreneur was unable to fulfill his obligations, — these could be foreign policy decisions, the Central Bank rate, and local decisions of regional authorities, — he noted. A promising idea — have a database of such information with access to contact persons who could comment on the situation.
The expert is confident that if such a database appears, serious risks may arise: for example, such a list could become a real black list with all the ensuing consequences, although in At this time it is for informational purposes only. The list can be used as a corruption tool, as was the case with lists of unscrupulous borrowers, he added.