The head of RT-Capital Semyon Yakubov about a technological enterprise in a friendly country


Sanctions and military actions in Ukraine have sharply increased the demand for Russian machine tools. The largest domestic manufacturer — STAN group — in 2019 came under the control of Rostec. About how the localization process is going, who is now ordering domestic machines, and about STAN's strategy in an interview with “Kommersant” said the head of RT-Capital Semyon Yakubov.

Semyon Yakuborv, in particular, noted: “Today, STAN machines have a conclusion about Russian origin according to government decree 719, although certain components still have to be imported. Look, the machine — This is a complex mechanism consisting of nodes. Based on the experience of leading countries in the machine tool industry, they are not produced at one enterprise. Some produce frames, others — spindle motors, third — milling heads for the machine, software. And all this is then converted into finished products. If we talk about our approach, we are aimed both at producing the machines themselves, which are needed in industry today, and at a separate component base, on which we also greatly depend.

Somewhere we are developing a supply chain and concluding long-term contracts — conditionally for five to ten years, so that they have a visible perspective and desire to invest money in development. Somewhere at our enterprises, in Sterlitamak, we plan to build a foundry that will produce beds — the heart of the machine. Not all enterprises that produce machine tools in Russia today have their own foundries, although in the USSR almost every one had them. In the heady 1990s, all this was dismantled and sold as scrap metal, but today everything has to be built anew. Today we order beds from several enterprises, one of which is not located in Russia."

"We will begin producing spindles in 2024 for one of our R&D projects . At the same time we make milling heads. We plan to produce guides for machine tools with one of our partner companies. We have found such competence. Colleagues are ready to join us in this project. And there, which is also good, there will be no mono-dependency — Both machine builders and elevators will be able to purchase. We are now in the active stage of developing this project.

There are also several companies on the market for CNC. And today we also use their software on our machines instead of CNC, which was previously supplied by Siemens. Mostly Russian, but we, of course, bring something from China, because ours are also overloaded, taking into account the need that has arisen. What they don’t have time to do, we buy in two or three countries.”

Machine tool holding "STAN" - Russian developer of modern machine tools with numerical control for high-tech industries. The company's product line includes gantry, turning and milling, grinding machines and other equipment.
Today the company includes five industrial enterprises in five regions of the country.
LLC NPO "STANKOSTROENIE" Sterlitamak, rep. Bashkortostan
LLC "RYAZAN MACHINE PLANT" Ryazan, Ryazan region
JSC "STANKOTECH" Kolomna, Moscow region

The group of companies includes two research institutes:
JSC "Ulyanovsk NIAT" Ulyanovsk

General Director of LLC "STAN" Bogatyrev Boris Yurievich
Address: 127018, Moscow, st. Sushchevsky Val, 18
Phone: +7 (495) 916-55-55