Rules for identifying small technology companies have been developed


The Ministry of Economy has developed a procedure for classifying enterprises as small technology companies (STC). Organizations with revenues of up to 4 billion rubles and operating under more than 60 economic activity codes will be able to apply for this status. Technology companies that received financial support from the state after June 30, 2022 will receive the new status automatically. All MTCs will be entered into a special register, which will allow the state to formulate targeted support measures for them.
The Ministry of Economy has prepared a draft government resolution regulating the procedure for classifying technology companies as MTCs. The document (available from Kommersant) was developed in accordance with the recently adopted law on the development of technology companies. Companies with revenues of up to 4 billion rubles and operating in more than 60 types of economic activity (OKVED) will be able to submit an application for an examination to be classified as an ITC.
The document defines several types of ITC depending on the volume of revenue, including main type of economic activity for the previous calendar year: startups (technology companies with revenues of no more than 0.3 billion rubles), early companies (from 0.3 billion to 2 billion rubles), mature companies (from 2 billion to 4 billion rubles).
Companies will be assessed by special centers of expertise — Fund for Assistance to the Development of Small Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere, Development Fund of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies, ANO "Center for Support of Engineering and Innovation", ANO "Platform of the National Technology Initiative". They will check the infrastructure, the availability of rights to the results of intellectual activity, experience in developing products using innovative technologies, the level of qualifications of specialists, the presence of demand for products and competitive advantage. further Kommersant