Partners of PJSC SIBUR Holding were offered to join the special project "Reliable Partners of PJSC SIBUR Holding" for a fee.


On September 12, the magazine "PromEnergo Leader" distributed letter No. 4531/02 to partners of PJSC SIBUR Holding on the preparation of a special project “Reliable partners of PJSC SIBUR Holding”. The special project, in particular, will discuss the development of the company, its main assets and projects, the progress of construction and prospects of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, reliable partners and suppliers. "We invite you to take part in a special project, talk about your enterprise, your successes and achievements, the specifics of implementing projects in your field of activity, your participation in the construction of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, about the competitive advantages of the services and equipment you provide, about your potential capabilities, about innovations in your activities, about the benefits of cooperation with your company. Participation format: publication of an article or an advertising module,” the letter notes.