Which fuel and energy companies will suffer from the withdrawal of SAP from Russia?


The German supplier of industrial software SAP has notified partners and customers of the termination of support for its solutions in Russia. The developer's clients have already begun transferring technical support for their systems to local IT companies. One of them may be "Lab JV", established by former employees of SAP. However, a complete replacement of SAP is not yet possible, experts believe, the company's solutions are responsible for the operation of the basic systems of enterprises, and there are no full-fledged analogues.
“Ъ” got acquainted with the letter of the German developer of resource management systems for SAP organizations to Russian partners about that until December 31, 2023, the company will disable them from supporting its software. Only the use of cloud services remains in effect until the full term of the contracts.
Starting September 4, about 100 customers who continue to use SAP systems support receive the same letters, a source familiar with the situation clarifies.