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Construction in Oil and Gas Industry, NEFTEGAZSTROY-2012

22.05.2012 - 22.05.2012 | Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow

Large-scale infrastructural projects implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation include: oil and gas pipelines construction; continental shelf development; construction of terminals. Basic problems discussed at the Neftegazstroy Conference include creation of the civilized oil and gas construction market, the construction contractor selection practices, and maximal engagement of the Russian contracting companies. The contractors will be able to contact their customers and colleagues, to broaden outlooks and to set useful business links.

Key topics for discussion:
- Who will be the first Russian EPC-partners for the customers of the oil and gas industry?
- Why do domestic oil and gas customers usually choose Western EPC contractors?
- Why do foreign contractors need Russian partners?
- Which Soviet design institutions have managed to survive in the market environment? And why?


11-00 Reports, questions
12-30 Coffee break, communication of participants
13-00 Reports, questions
15-00 Dinner in the restaurant, communication of participants
16-00 Reports, questions
17-30 Fourchette, communication of participants

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